“Ken’s passion for the subjects we covered ignited valuable conversations. Overcoming some very difficult challenges of his own has given Ken the ability to tap into the thorn that people seem to overlook or dismiss. Ken’s constant positive attitude and infectious smile seem to raise the vibration of any group.”~ Beverly C. Beirl, CEO/Editor in Chief of Bay Area Business Magazine


“Ken has definitely followed his own advice and approaches life with enthusiasm, creativity, honesty and a sincere desire to be of service to his clients as well as his community. In addition to managing a very successful private practice, Ken is a true philanthropist and donates many valuable hours to local non-profit organizations, including Family Service Center, Inc.  Being an accomplished artist and photographer, for the past two years, Ken has taken a leadership role in FSC’s community art projects, Survivors Speak and artHEALS.  Both projects combine local artists with survivors of sexual assault in FSC’s Sexual Assault Services program to create a visual representation of their stories of pain and healing.  The artwork is shared with the public in order to raise awareness and stop sexual violence in our communities and families.  Ken’s work with his collaborative partner was particularly meaningful for both of them. Ken also serves as faculty member of ICON, The Florida Institute for Continuing Professional Development which is FSC’s social enterprise that provides high quality clinical training for mental health professionals. I value Ken’s clinical expertise, artistic creativity, support, caring and leadership that he brings to my agency as well as to our community.  He definitely ranks as one of my Heroes!!” ~Mary Jo Monahan, LCSW

“I truly got my money’s worth in the first hour.  Everything after that was a bonus! It was lots of information.  Like drinking out of a fire hose.  I’m glad to read your book previous to that. I’m very glad I went to the program as it got me out of my comfort zone and in my growth son.” ~Daniel Funk, helicopter pilot