Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but heartfelt accolades from people with whom you’ve worked makes it all worthwhile.

Ken Donaldson shares more than just his motivational skills; he brings a hard won understanding of human nature and how people respond in situations. He assists audiences with breaking-through their struggles, both personal and professional.

The following is a sampling of feedback Ken has received from the people he has touched.


“Thank you for spending time with us and devoting your expertise.  Your involvement in this event was critical to our success.  We heard wonderful feedback from employees about the experience. Your stress reduction seminars will help our employees more effectively deal with stress and anxiety.  We want you to know how much we appreciate your time.  Please accept these enclosed giveaways as a small token of our appreciation.  Thanks for helping us provide our employees with the information they need to improve their
health! “ ~GE HealthAhead Committee


“On behalf of the members of the National Association of Medical Staff Services, I would like to thank you for your participation in this year’s Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. The success we experienced at this event was due in large part to a fabulous assembly of cutting edge topics and speakers to address the multifaceted needs of the NAMSS audience. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.” ~Lynn Buchanan, CMSC, CPCS, NAMSS Conference Director


“Ken, you’ve got a powerful message and everyone needs to hear what you have to say!”
~ Les Brown, Motivational Speaker