Ken Donaldson’s experience as an effective corporate change facilitator, mental health and relationship counselor affords him a unique perspective when it comes to winning the game of change.

Since 1987, Ken Donaldson has been one of Tampa Bay’s leading Change Specialists and in 2006, he was a recipient of the Tampa Bay Business Journal Health Care Heroes Award for his significant impact on positive mental health care.

Individuals and organizations alike, who want to proactively prepare for change, successfully adapt to change, and continue to achieve success in the face of change, have relied on Ken’s know-how. Ken has worked with numerous companies and organizations on various issues associated with change; including, but not limited to:

  • Maximizing stress management
  • Expanding work-life balance
  • Creating high performance teams

Whether serving in the capacity as a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, Ken’s personal life experiences provide him an exceptional viewing platform beyond conventional education. Notably during Ken’s presentations, he comes off the stage and into the hearts and minds of attending participants. As a trainer, facilitator, and speaker, Ken has schooled thousands of people in the art of conquering stumbling blocks that hinder their success.

Ken Donaldson is a trusted media advisor and has had numerous appearances on NPR, Good Day Tampa Bay, Daytime, Fox 13 News, News Channel 8, and Studio 10 TV, as well as quoted in The Tampa Tribune, St. Petersburg Times and Tampa Bay Times.

Known for inspiring run-of-the-mill sales people to become sales leaders,

mediocre supervisors to become exceptional managers,
and great leaders to become extraordinary trailblazers.