Today’s corporations and organizations recognize happiness equals productivity and that each employee’s personal sense of self significantly impacts the company as a whole.

From middle management employees to senior executives, people who achieve balance in their lives are more self-assured, and when they’re more self-assured they become prize-winning corporate resources.

ChangeUp Works is a highly effective stress management accelerator and work-life balance influencer. We understand employees’ who stand at the intersection of positive growth and chaotic turmoil. We recognize small businesses, corporations, and organizations benefit through valuable group and team communication training and facilitated advanced emotional and relational intelligence.

When team members develop highly effective communication and stress management skills, there is a natural expansion in their work-life balance, resulting in the enduring benefits of:

  • Increased Employee Alignment and Engagement
  • Improved Self Esteem
  • Accelerated Team Performance

ChangeUp Works sparks genuine employee engagement and alignment leading to greater heights of initiative, inducing team building and cohesion; essential ingredients for superior performance.

Once employees have better work-life balance, they develop the confidence to forge more effective business relationships. These types of connected relationships strengthen a corporations’ workforce.

Ken Donaldson, ChangeUp Works’ Change Effectiveness Officer, is an accomplished motivational speaker and expert guide, inspiring employees in Corporate America to achieve work-life equilibrium while discovering their greatness within, leading to extraordinary accomplishments and sustained success.

Through training programs, presentations and keynotes, Ken Donaldson brings proactive, positive and lasting change into the mainstream with enduring benefits resulting in a more profitable and employee-friendly company.